Back in 2010 I was tasked with designing the logo, menu and a few marketing pieces for Braxi’s, a brand new Burger joint located in the heart of Orlando Downtown.

The main goal was to present in a very clean, straightforward, direct and approachable experience at a very fair price. Braxi’s was set to offer customers the best burgers in town without draining their bank accounts.

Alt Project

While working on this project I took the liberty to design a second concept with a more high-end look, something better suited for a restaurant like Fridays or Chili’s. I did this as an exercise to see what I would design for a completely different market.

It would be unforgivable on my part not to mention that Braxi’s not only had amazing Burgers,  they also offered the best Onion Rings my wife and I have ever had. We still dream about those rings.